5 areas where you can benefit from the power of Life Coaching

Self Confidence


Life Choices  



You are seeking simple solutions, pratical and easy to apply.

We can find them together!


You want to:

- better cope with stress, anxiety, negative emotions
- improve your relationships
- be able to focus on your goals
- see positive changes in your life
- find or regain balance and well-being

You will be able to:

- create strategies for personal success and well-being
- manage your emotional state
- change behaviors that no longer suit you
- be independent and autonomous
- determine the direction and goals of your life

The tools:

- Targeted questions
- Goals
- Anchors
- Timeline
- Beliefs and values
- Personal legend
- Strategies
- Hypnosis
- Modelization

And many others.


Tickets for your private Life Coaching Sessions

N for normal 

1 session

1 session


Payment 40€
each session

for interesting

Gain 20€

4 sessions


Payment 140€
Validity 2 months

for economic

Gain 80€

8 séances


Payment 240€
Validity 4 months