NLP for Yoga Teachers

Your communication should be the true reflection of yourself. You can learn about its subconscious processes.

When NLP meets Yoga

What happens, subconsciously, when you communicate?

"Between what I think, what I want to tell you,
what I think I'm telling you, what I'm really telling you,
what you want to hear, what you really hear,
what you think I'm telling you, what you want to understand
what you finally understood, there are at least nine chances that we do not understand each other ".

~ Encyclopedia of relevant and absolute knowledge ~
Bernard Werber

You realize that conveying a message, giving clear guidance to your class, and expressing what you really want is more complicated than it first seems.

The "NLP for Yoga Teachers" is more than a simple seminar on teaching techniques. It is an essential training that takes you to the secret world of subconscious communication processes. You will have the opportunity to learn techniques, tools and practice, so that your communication is the true reflection of yourself, what you want to express. You will experience the undeniable benefits of a "conscious" communication. You will acquire communication management skills without losing. You will understand how it works, so you will be able to predict how it will affect. In addition, on a personal level, you will discover new aspects of yourself that will help you better define yourself as a teacher and as an individual. At the end of the journey you will see your connection with others in a different way and you will manage the communication with mastery.

The results will be:

1) Awareness of the influence of communication 2) Management of communication 3) Flexibility in communication, necessary in a state of disagreement, misunderstanding and stress 4) Self-confidence 5) Mental Clarity.


  • The Communication Model
  • Attitude is the basis
  • Everything is a choice
  • Teaching is multidimensional
  • The basic principles of communication
  • Verbal & non-verbal communication, inside and out
  • The different stages of learning - the acceleration & cultivation of self-evolution in learning
  • The best conditions for learning and teaching in a classroom.

And more…

"It was like to do Sirsasana. You see the world up and down and you still like it. You do it once and it is like “Wow, Wow !!! I can do it". You do it a second time and you say "Interesting !!!". Then the more you do it, the more you enjoy it. ” Evelina Giorgiera - Yoga Teacher

Every year at Ayama Yoga House Studio (September - October)

DURATION: 22 hours + 3 hours of work.
COST: 190 €

Informations at +30 694 65 19 022


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