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An exploration in the world of beliefs, values ​​- their Strength & Weakness and their impact on our lives.

Beliefs & Values ​​- their Strength & Weakness.

In the first part of our journey you learned the basics of NLP, you discovered the power of the unconscious and you were given techniques to gain control of your inner state and your emotions. In the end we made an appointment for a second trip.

Here we are! This time we will explore the world of beliefs, values ​​and their impact on our lives. We will see together how our beliefs and values ​​change our perception and behavior. As Deepak Chopra says:

"Every negative belief weakens the relationship between the mind and the body."

Now, in this tutorial you can learn:

    Where do your own beliefs and values ​​come from?
    How they affect your perception, behavior and decisions.
    How important it is to align all of the above.
    How to change what limits you and overcome obstacles.


    We will give you new techniques and knowledge so that you can clarify which of your beliefs and values ​​are really the ones you have chosen.
    You will get closer to the self you really want to be.
    You will gain more freedom of choice in your life and you will better understand the environment around you.

DURATION: 5 hours

COST: 60€

It is definitely better to have attended the NLP - Different Perception seminar. But if you recognize the existence and influence of the subconscious, if you are more interested in practice and not so much theory, you are able to attend this seminar.

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