Same values

Values ​​are like a compass that leads us to our "true north".

When the way we think, speak and behave matches our values, we feel whole and satisfied. We have a purpose and life has a meaning. But when our lives are not in line with our personal values, then our things "look"… wrong. Life feels uncomfortable. We feel out, anxious, unhappy.

Some of the values ​​cultivated by Yoga & Life Coaching are:

Interaction: Our external and internal worlds interact. We constantly interact with each other and with the environment. That is why when we change, our relationships with people, the environment and life change.
And this reminds us that everyone is responsible for their own actions, behaviors and thoughts.

Discernment: It is the ability to distinguish reality from illusion. The ability to see the roots of our behaviors, the ability to locate what the Soul is asking for. It gives us the opportunity to live in harmony with our higher values, to make the best decisions and to make the best choices.

Alignment: Harmony, balance. Whatever you do or say, it is important to understand and feel it otherwise you will be in disharmony and then the flow of your life will not be free, things will feel ... wrong.

Independence: It is the key to freedom. Happiness is no one else's business. We want, as much as possible, not to be dependent on what we have (material, spiritual, emotional) or on other people.

Truth: Truth is linked to discrimination. The first step in evolution is to be honest with others and with ourselves.

Love: It is the recognition, the realization that each of us is important, special and has something to offer. Love and truth are inextricably linked because love can only be expressed when we face our own truth and the truth of the other equally.