Life Coaching

We can find solutions together with effective techniques for real change.

You want:

  • - to cope better with: stress, anxiety, negative emotions
  • - to regain balance & well-being
  • - to have better relationships
  • - to achieve your goals
  • - to see changes in your life

Looking for simple, practical and easy solutions?

We will find them together!


A Life Coaching - NLP session lasts from 1 hour to 1.30.

Most people respond relatively quickly that is why 5 to 10 sessions are usually enough to experience positive changes and achieve your goals.

"These sessions are the little time that makes the BIG difference."


As comfort is essential, you have different options:

    at your house
    in your workplace
    on the phone
    via Skype, Messenger, Viber

"Physical presence is not necessary for the training of the mind. "

How it works

First we discuss the issue that concerns you and we look together where you are at the moment in your life, what is your goal, what are the obstacles, what do you have, what do you not have at your disposal and various other ...

In subsequent sessions, once we have agreed that there is a need, we release your negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, guilt, mental trauma) that limit the way you perceive things and discover new perspectives.

We also work on limiting beliefs, attitudes and values ​​so that you can achieve what you want and make the changes that will normalize the course of your life. You will discover what they are and how to change them. Then, once we are sure that you understand the use of the new information, we look at the new perspectives together. You may also be asked to do some work-in-between work between our two meetings.

One of the technique is the Time Line Therapy T. L.T.©

Created by Dr. Tad James PHD. It includes your story, the feelings you felt and your positive and negative decisions. With Time Line Therapy © techniques, free yourself from unwanted negative emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt…) that weigh on your life.
Time Line Therapy © also offers you the opportunity to break free from the effects of old negative experiences and decisions. So you are ready to act freely in future experiences without the emotional burden of the past.

After each session, no matter how deep and revealing it is, you can continue your daily routine normally.


With the Life Coaching - NLP sessions you learn to reprogram your mind so that you can get rid of the negative memories, thoughts or feelings that hold you back. Changing your perception, way of thinking and behavior will give a new meaning to your life.