I will use beautiful phrases from Valerie's lesson to express how I feel. I feel that she is the teacher who becomes a bridge to cross "AWAY". She seems to have found the basics and balance, and no doubt, in my opinion, she has the talent to inspire you. Thank you for teaching me to see Far ... here and now!
- Eva - Yoga Teacher & Web Designer

Yoga Nidra

"Peace. Everything will be fine. Thanks Valerie. How nice! Very relaxing! Peaceful! "Apart from being relaxing, it was quite revealing and helped me realize some things ..."

- Panagiotis

Private sessions Life Coaching-NLP

A unique experience! Valerie's bright presence, her positive energy & her peaceful power made me come in contact with pieces that I did not dare to approach. I deleted some traumatic experiences that have been bothering me for years. Thank you Valerie!
- Katerina Stathopoulou

NLP for Yoga Teachers - Training
This seminar was very beautiful & constructive. It opened many doors for me & I saw many things from different angles. I'm sad that it will end ... Valerie is amazing & I'm really very excited & happy that I had this experience.
- Marina Triantou / Yoga teacher / 34
Valerie's educational background, professional experience, high sensitivity to diversity & respect for personal limitations are some of the characteristics that make her a special teacher. I am grateful for the steps she helped me take. Her belief that anything is possible for the one who truly believes is "contagious!"
- Ioanna Maris V. / Translator

Private sessions Life Coaching-NLP

With the techniques that Valerie knows perfectly well, I "took out" the deepest root of my problem so that it no longer drows out my energy. Now, 2 months later, I have in my mind everything I encountered in this inner journey of mine: my acceptance & appreciation, my understanding & the power to say what I think.
- Zoe D. - Yoga Teacher - Athens

NLP for Yoga Teachers - Training

It was like the posture "Sirsasana". Although you look at the world up and down you still like it. The first time is like "Whouaw!!!" I can do it. And then you do it a second time and say "Interesting !!!". The more you do it, the more you enjoy it.
- Evelina Giorgiera / Yoga Teacher

Yoga Nidra

Amazingly "effective! I felt like I was floating. Relaxation brings an inner discovery and revelation. It was like psychoanalysis but different. I was immersed in darkness and suddenly I discovered light…"
- Stella P. / Athens

Private sessions Life Coaching NLP - Panic crisis

I like my new life. I do things! I still do not believe that I made 10 metro stops alone. I'm so full of joy! I have a great time with my son and my husband. Once again a big thanks to you. If I had come to you since the summer I would not have lost so much time in my life. Happy Easter.
     - Ioanna

First session Life Coaching NLP

Nicer than I expected. The conversation flowed and ... we started from somewhere else and arrived somewhere else. Now I am more confident about what I want to follow. I would tell someone else to do Life Coaching NLP. because it is interesting, it opens "doors" in your mind. You talk about yourself, but you also "talk" to yourself! Thank you.
- Eleni Markou - Athenian - Macedonian News Agency

Life Coaching NLP - Panic crisis

I have had panic attacks for over 10 years. From the first Life Coaching NLP session, I began to feel the change in my way of thinking and reacting. Facts, stressful situations that would cause me a panic attack, now I can manage them, they no longer scare me, they no longer cause me panic attacks.
- Angeliki - 32 / Economist

Life Coaching NLP

I arrived in Netherlands! I opened & read the text I wrote back in October, after completing the Life Coaching NLP sessions with you. It was as if my mind was programmed to act in a certain way & to do certain things to bring me here !!! (There were some discrepancies, but still ...!) I was very moved.
- Marita Katerelou

Yoga Nidra - Training

Very substantial and helpful training. Thank you very much.
- Elena / Yoga Teacher

Yoga Nidra - Training

Thanks for the powerful self-knowledge tool. As always you were a wonderful teacher. I went deeper than I have ever gone in any other way and I felt great because I "saw" things very important to me.
- Tonya / Yoga Teacher