Private sessions - Benefits

Sessions designed for YOUR needs.

The biggest advantage of the private yoga session is that each class adapts exactly to your unique goals, needs and body.

1. Gain experience in a safer environment:

In yoga, it is absolutely imperative that you learn the basics correctly and ensure proper alignment.
In a private lesson the guidance is done at every step, ensuring that the lesson goes at a pace that suits you.

2. At your time:

Most group classes are held early in the morning or evening and none of these hours are right for you.
When taking private lessons, the syllabus is more flexible.

3. Reduce your stress level:

Many people do yoga to manage stress and anxiety.
The private yoga sessions are a much more relaxing environment than the group classes.

4. Focus on your needs:

Everyone is unique and comes to yoga for different reasons. The private yoga class is designed for you and just for you.
A private teacher can choose the postures that meet your specific needs.
This is also important for people having difficulty making certain postures due to injuries or mobility problems.

5. Get answers to your questions:

Another great advantage of private yoga is that you can ask questions during your sessions. The lessons are yours, it means that you can ask questions during the session so that you can learn more and make the most of your practice.