Each of us deserves a break.

The world is constantly changing and we adapt as best we can. In everyday life we run from one activity to another. For those seeking for balance & relaxation, Yoga Nidra is the best choice. It gives you access to your constant inner strength & peace. It helps you ground yourself.

Some benefits are:

- Reduction of tension, stress and anxiety
- Improving the quality of sleep
- Deep rest of the body and mind from daily impressions-habits and limiting thoughts.
- Increase creativity
- Development of awareness
- Full release
- Improve memory
- Increase calm


Yoga Nidra is an invaluable treasure, a powerful meditative resource for healing. With regular practice you will see positive changes in all areas of your life. Each session is a unique journey.

Discover the power of stillness !

Yoga Nidra suitable for everyone, regardless of previous experience and physical condition.