As Master NLP Life Coach & Therapist & Mindfulness Instructor.

We all can see the different choices we have and come out from the dead-end we are in. We have simply to take control of our lifes to be able to live them fully. Only we can walk our path.

The problems are not so much our thoughts but to be sure they are the thoughts we have chosen and not thoughts of others. One of the key to well-being is to learn to say no to what is bad for you and yes to what is good. And the most powerful is to understand that respons-ability is the key of freedom. Because:

"Untill you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." Carl Jung

And always keep in mind that: "There is an answer for anyone who wants to find balance in their life and feel fullfilled."

I did my NLP Practitioner & Time Line Therapy© training, in Greece, with Mirsini Kankel who was a trainee of Dr. TadJames PHD, the creator of Time LineTherapy©. And I did my Master NLP, in England, with Anthony Beardsell, who wrote «Mind Management & Mindfulness».


As a Yoga Teacher

Open minded and none dogmatic, my approach of teaching Yoga respects the freedom, the way of learning, the motivation and the believes of each students and helps each of you to experience the benefits of "experiential learning" which is is a process of appropriating knowledge through experience and the search of personal meaning in it. This way of teaching also promotes the personal development of learners and their awareness. It emphasizes the links between the learning space, the daily life of the learners and the social reality and could be defined as a "jouney of discovery of the meaning of human existence and nature of the common good". (1)

Each time I teach, although it is been a while, I am feeling so grateful to be able to share generously my knowledge and experience of Pranayma, Yoga Nidra, Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, Mantra and NLP. Because I know this sharing helps people to find their inner-power, to evolve and go along with ease on your path & come closer to your inner being.

I teach in Greek, French and English-Yoga and Yoga Nidra

I first met Yoga in 1993 in France where I took Satyananda Yoga lessons. In 1998 I succefully passed the B.E.E.S (Sports Instructor Certification) in France although Yoga was not a specialisation at this time. I begun to teach Yoga in 2001. In order to complete my training, in 2004 I left for London to follow a 300h Teacher Yoga Course recognised by the International Yoga Network. During my stay I took the chance to follow meditations lessons and seminars at the Brahma Kumaris University. Today I am a E-RYT Yoga Alliance registered Teacher. My latest training was in Yoga Nidra with Swami Madhurananda, member of Vishwa Yoga Samsad - international advisor & director of "the Ayurvedic & Contempory  Sciences".

(1)Δελούδη Μ. (2002)Βιωματική Μάθηση- Δυνατότητες αξιοποίησής της στο πλαίσιο της Ευέλικτης Ζώνης. 
Στο περιοδικό «Επιθεώρηση Εκπαιδευτικών Θεμάτων». Σελ 148.
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Personal work



The Art of Teaching: a unique training for Yoga Teachers in Greece. Sharing NLP insights & knowledge, this training is build to help the teachers to enhance their communication skills. So they can understand how communication acts and how it influences our relations with the others and with ourselves.

Svadhyaya sessions: an extra support for the Yoga teachers and practitioners who are on a spiritual journey & on the path of self-discovery & development.

Yoga Nidra Teacher training: an in depth training where I share my passion and experience of this Yoga method which is a mystical journey on itself.

Yoga & Yoga Nidra lessons in private and groups.



The other way to perceive: a training for those who whish to get the NLP knowlegde and learn its basic techniques. Target group: teachers, therapists and people who want to integrate NLP into their daily life (parents, couples, individual).

NLP Modules: different seminars based on a particular theme. Helps people to find their way toward a more balanced and happy life, to gain insights on how they can change what does not work for them.

NLP Life Coaching private sessions: to resolve personal problems, overcome blockage, fears, negative patterns....

The people who know me, say that I am "natural" and wise although Ι leave it for you to judge. If you want to know what others are saying about me just click here 


Past experiences

Born in France, in Strasbourg, a beautiful town on the German and French borders.

Some other work-places I occupied:

  • Head of the complaints service for Euro Transport in Strasbourg - France.
  • Hotel entertaiment team leader, of teams composed of persons of different nationalities, at Rhodos Princess - Kiotari - Greece.
  • Responsible of the organisation of events, to collect money and do prevention for AIDES (non-profit HIV/Aids organisation) in Strasbourg - France.
  • Artist performer at Europa Park (second biggest entertainment park in Europe) - Rust - Germany
  • Teacher and supervisor at Berlitz in Athens - Greece.
  • Teacher at Spanish a la Carte at Wimbledon - London - England.
  • Organised and participate to different events for philanthropic organisations