"...when the breath is disturbed, the mind becomes disturbed. By restraining breath the Yogi gets steadiness of mind." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika


There are many many expressions which suggest how important breath is in our lives: "Υπάρχουν πολλές εκφράσεις που υποδηλώνουν τη σημαντικότητα της αναπνοής στη ζωή του ανθρώπου: "it took my breath away." "I m holding my breath untill..."... But how many of us know really the importance of breathing well on our health?
In our days most people unfortunately use only a tiny part of their lungs while breathing. And it is known that a poor breathing pattern elevate strain and stress and is linked with insipid and fragment thoughts which in turn provoc physical, emotional as well as mental blockings.


Why should you practise Pranayama?

Someone who find himself under pressure (physical or emotional), has a shallow breath which focuses on the upper part of the chest. This is not a problem itself if it happens only sometimes. But "the persitent shallow breath pattern can lead to functional disorders such as digestive problems or even cardiac arrhythmia. However, proper breathing therapy can help.", highlights Britta Jacob, breathing therapist from Hamburg.(Capital Health).

With Pranayama practice, we consolidate correct breathing habits. Proper breathing is slow, deep and smooth. Breathing affects the mind directly, balancing it, calming it and improving its functions. It also helps people having breathing disorders - like asthma or chronic bronchitis, as well as people suffering from migraine and pain in joints and muscles, and improves the quality of life of the practitioner.

How does it  work;

The Pranayama practice breaks this negative circle. It balances the energy flow, feeds the body and the mind with pure vital energy and awakens the potential that is inactive in our bodies.

In any case, it is very important to have a steady and calm breath pattern-at least for most of the day-as on it depens the good oxygenation of every single organ and cell composing the human body.






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