• It is better to live, without to be perfect, your own dharma than to live perfectly the dharma of someone else. Sreyan svadharmo vigunah paradharmat svanusthitat— (Chapter 3. Verse 35)
  • We can not change what we are not aware of.
  • Η παρατηρήσει μας προσφέρει τις επιλογές των αλλαγών.


Why follow Life Coaching for Yoga teachers & practitioners sessions?

In Yoga, introspection is called svadhyaya: "study" (adhyaya) of the "self" (sva). It is one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. This practice of self-study refers both to the understanding of the Selft through the study of sacred texts and the ability of self-observation that ultimately leads to Yoga or else "union". Although the positive effects of Syadhyaya can only exist if someone knows how to be non-critical and stays a honest observer.

No one is perfect! Everything is a matter of balance. And balance can only exist if you are yourself!

Yoga practitioners are living profound changes. The start of changes always take place on an unconscious level and that why their application in daily life is not so easy and we passes through different phases of conflicts with the environment, the old habits, attitudes and thoughts.

And as an artist first copy painting to practice his art, the Yoga practitioner copies the teacher. It is a normal process of learning. However, then comes a time, when you will want to draw on your own creative consciousness. Here begin confusions, doubts, fears... And although most of the teacher will give you the freedom you need, something holds you back of expressing your true trial.

Awareness can only be effective when someone listen with trust his inner truth. But it is not always so easy and so many people do not listen to it, being afraid to look vulnerable, different or fail.


What is Life Coaching for Yoga teachers and practitioners?

It is a non-critical counselling system for Yoga practitioners and Teachers. The sessions are the time and space where you will be able to express whatever you need and want because you will be in the land of "no right or wrong". It is not Yoga. Although it is an extra support on your personal and spiritual journey. It is an open tool box for you to get along faster and safer on the self-discovery, development and spiritual path you are on.


How does it work?

During the Svadhyaya-Life Coaching sessions, you practice different kind of exercises, discuss about some topics in order to gain the necessary tools to practice svadhyaya, find the Truth within you and be able to apply it in your daily life. You will come to a better understanding of: who you really are, what is your life purpose, what are your core beliefs and how all they affect you, what you do and your relations with your environment. You will come closer to your inner Self and also learn acceptance, compassion, openess for you and the others.


What will you gain?

You will go through the world of reactions to arrive to the world of responsability. You will experience your power, your value and your autonomy. You will be able to aligne what you think, say, feel and do in all areas of your life. The union of your inner being and your outer life will result in liberation and freedom.

Everyone can find his perfection!


Union: Recognition that all being and all humans are one. That we influence others and ourselves with our thoughts, feelings,actions and words.
Not only the ability to know, to discern and say what we really believe. But also the abiltiy to live our lives in line with our fundamental beliefs.
The understanding that each time we keep ourselves to be who we are, we are in conflict. And that only when we really live our dream we are in alignment, open and without fear.
The true love of ourselves and others can only come from a balanced individual who knows that his truth and the truth of the others have the same meaning although they may not have the same appearance so that his sharing comes from the heart with respect and compassion


"A self inner quest for each person and a journey that leads you on the bright and clean side of reality!!!"     Ioanna - Yoga Teacher

"Inspired teacher!"     Phaedra - Yoga Teacher


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