A Yoga lessons takes place for 1.30

At the beginning of the lessons, you can simply stop and bring your attention toward yourself. You can observe your body, so that you will respect his needs during your practice. This opening is very important. Just think about someone driving and choosing to stop. When he will do so, his car will not be able to stop immediately at the right place he will be because of it s speed. This is exactly what happens with your mind and your body… they need some time and space.

Afterwards, we do some warm-up. It is an invitation that we send to our organism.
And then it is time for the “Sun Salutation” which couples warm-up and meditation. Focus is on your breath, on the flow of your breath and movements are done without strength. The dance begins!

Now we can do some postures called Asana. Here we aim to go a little farther from what we are used too. It is a moment of exploration, we discover/rediscover our limits, we open them a bit, we learn to simply enjoy and feel. You will feel the energy flowing although the Asana are static postures. It is not the body which is moving anymore, but something inside, because you are in the center leaving the flow free. You will gain new sensations, new feelings which will follow you out of the mat in your daily life. Feeling that you will be able to recall whenever you will need them, like Tadasana-the mountain pose, Virabhadrasana-the warrior, bujhangasana-the cobra… Magic of Asana!!!

A part of the lesson is dedicated to the inverted pose. Imagine… that you are able to observe the world feeling balance and peace all together. Now nothing can stop you anymore. It is a chance to build, increase your self-confidence and discover your ability to approach life differently.

And we close the session with Savasana. Here we close the circle, the beginning and the end. Once more, you observe, discovering the changes in your body, mind and being. We take responsibility for what we have done, we understand the law of action=effect, that what we do in the present affect our future. We also learn to just see what is, without judgment.  We understand how important it is to be in the Here and Now.
You will also discover that your breath is calmer and stronger, because you left her space during your practice, you followed her instead to ask her to follow you. This made you to gain tranquility. Each of your cells gained place and pleasure and you can enjoy the result in the silent place of Savasana.

The simplest although most difficult pose, we are just observers. We do not need to analyze or to search for the meanings, for the lessons because when you observe this happens automatically. We forget the body, the mind, the feelings…. We do not feel, think, and act. We simply are and discover the essence of Being!!!!

Teaching style

I am an open minded and none dogmatic Yoga teacher. I combine  my knowledge of Pranayma, Yoga Nidra, Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, Mantra and NLP. The sessions will make you come closer to your inner being and has as a unique approach to teaching Yoga.

My unique approach of teaching Yoga respects the freedom, the way of learning, the motivation and the believes of each students and helps each of you to experience the benefits of "experiential learning" which is is a process of appropriating knowledge through experience and the search of personal meaning in it. This way of teaching also promotes the personal development of learners and their awareness. It emphasizes the links between the learning space, the daily life of the learners and the social reality and could be defined as a "jouney of discovery of the meaning of human existence and nature of the common good". (1)

Experienced Yoga teacher, I am happy to share generously my knowledge and experience of Pranayma, Yoga Nidra, Flow Yoga, Mindfulness, Mantra and NLP in order for you to find the power to evolve and go along with ease on your path & come closer to your inner being.

I teach in Greek, French and English-Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


A brief biographie

I first met Yoga in 1993 in France where I took Satyananda Yoga lessons. In 1998 I succefully passed the B.E.E.S (Sports Instructor Certification) in France although Yoga was not a specialisation at this time. I begun to teach Yoga in 2001. In order to complete my training, in 2004 I left for London to follow a 300h Teacher Yoga Course recognised by the International Yoga Network. During my stay I took the chance to follow meditations lessons and seminars at the Brahma Kumaris University. Today I am a E-RYT Yoga Alliance registered Teacher.

(1)Δελούδη Μ. (2002)Βιωματική Μάθηση- Δυνατότητες αξιοποίησής της στο πλαίσιο της Ευέλικτης Ζώνης. 
Στο περιοδικό «Επιθεώρηση Εκπαιδευτικών Θεμάτων». Σελ 148.
Online στο http://www.pi-schools.gr/download/publications/epitheorisi/teyxos6/deloudi.PDF

Valerie Saier

Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teacher
Master NLP Life Coach & Therapist
Mindfulness Instructor



  • "Very nice! I clarified some things and could name others that I did not recognise before. I understood the "mask"."     Maria
  • "I feel lighter! I believe that from here and now, I am abel to recognise faster how I limit myself. I became aware of some important truth about myself."     Anastasia Papadouli

"The authenticity that you have in your teaching is unique, you have a keen sense of the students needs. The feeling of freedom is one of the first feeling I experienced in you class. Thank you Valerie for knowing you and having help me to go on this path. Namaste!"     Tsounami Aspa / Merchandiser at Inditex

"Almost dangerously efficient!" Om and I felt as I was flying. The relaxation provocates an inner discovery and disclosure. It was as psychanalysis but different. I plunged into the darkness and suddenly discoverd the light…"     Stella Pouni - Yoga Teacher

"Calmness. Everything is gonna be all right. Thanks Valerie. How nice! Very relaxing! Calmness! Peace! Apart from relaxing it was quite revealing and helped me realize some things..."     Panagiotis

"It was like "Sirsasana". Although you see the world upside down you like it. You do it once and it is like "Wouah!!! I can do it." You do it a second time and say "Interesting!!!". After that, more you do it more you εnjoy it."     Evelina Giorgiera-42-Yoga Teacher

"This seminar was very nice and constructive. It made me to open many doors and to see many things from a different angle. I am sad that it ends... Valerie is amazing and I am really excited and happy to have lived this experience."     Marina Triadou-34-Yoga teacher

"I had panic attacks for almost 10 years. From the very first NLP session, I begun to feel changes on my way of thinking and reacting. And now, facts, stressfull situations who before would have caused a panic attack, do not scare me anymore, I manage them, they do not cause panic anymore."     Aggeliki - 32 - Economist



"It was nicer than I expected. The discussion went and... from somewhere it begun and somewhere else it went. Now I am more sure of what I want to do. To someone else I would say to do NLP because it is interesting, it opens "doors". You speak about yourself, but most of all you speak to yourself! Thanks!"     Eleni Markou-Athinaiko-Macedonian Informations Agency

  • Thanks for this powerful tool of self-knowledge. As always your were a wonderful teacher. I went deeper than I ever went with any other way and felt great because I "saw" things which are very important to me.     Tonia / Yoga Teacher
  • Very substantive and helpfull seminar. Thanks a lot.     Elena / Yoga Teacher

Wow! Valerie, this time I could answer most of the questions you asked me. And I made the exercise! Huge difference for questions 1 and 4! Less difference for the rest of the questions (when going bottom-up). I think it gave me much confidence to proceed with my job search. Thank you so much for helping me! Many many thanks, once more! Maritta

"Very special experience! The luminous presence of Valerie, her positive energy & calm strength, made me come in contact with parts that I did not dare to approach before. I deleted once for good some traumatic experiences who troubled me for years. Thank you!!!!"     Katerina Stathopoulos-Therapist


"I arrived in Holland! I opened & read the text I wrote then in Oktober, after the complition of the NLP sessions with you. It was like I had "programmed" my brain to work in a specific way & choosed specific things so I can arrive here where I am!!! I was deeply touched."     Marita Katerelou

"Hi Valerie, it s Ioanna. I like my life now. I do things! I can not believe that I took alone the metro for as long as 10 stations. I m so happy! I have a great time with my son and husband. Again I want to thank you and wish I would have come earlier so I would not have lost so much time from my life."     Ioanna - Private employee

"I will use some beautiful phrases from Valerie s lesson to express what I feel. She is a teacher able to becomes a bridge that you can cross over to go on the other side "far away". She seems to have found the foundations and balance. That is why, without doubt, in my opinion, she has the talent to inspire you. Thank you, I learned to look far away... here and now!"     Eva Afentouli - Web Designer


"The educational background, professional experience, high sensitivity for diversity and the respect for personal bounders are some of the features that make Valerie a "special" teacher. I am grateful for the steps she helped me to take. Her belief, that everything is possible for who truly believes it, is "contagious"!"     Ioanna Maria Bati - Translator and Teacher

Professional standards and ethics