"Watch your thougths; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; for it becomes your destiny."

Thoughts are the beginning, if you know how to control your thoughts you can change what follow them. Thoughts are the result of a date process which takes place in our brains. Imagine your brain as if it was the ground of a garden. The informations, experiences are the seeds you spread. Some of them were spreaded consciously other not. When the plants begin to grow and emerge on the surface, the gardener can see which seeds were spreaded. You have still time to take the opportynity to choose what you like and want to keep or not to keep in your garden.

You are the gardener and you create the garden you are dreaming of.

With NLP you can discover the tools to clean your inside soil from the plants you do not want anymore and sow new seeds, maybe even from plants you did not know before.

NLP is not psychology. It is a methodology, a philosophy and techniques taht change the process (how). You have certainly noticed that most of the time, although you know what our problems are and where they started from, we fail to change. How is that? It is simple! We can not change reality or erase memories. But imagine what can happen if you change the way you perceive them, the feeling they carry with. What could happen if you believed that you can do it all? What would happen if you knew how to focus on solution instead on the problem?... You understand, now, that changes can only be effective when it occurs on a subconscious level.


What is NLP?

"Initially, NLP owes its fame to the excellent effectiveness in the area of solving problems. It has evolved over the years to become a complete self-development system used at all levels of our lives." Time Magazine
NLP is the art and science of communication and excellence. In more detail:

Neuro: Each person perceives the world differently. We all collect informations with our five senses but we delete, distort and generalize them in accordance with our beliefs, values and experience. Those are our personal filters. By this way, we create our own "map" of the reality and that is why for the same event, each person has a different "feeling, picture or memory".
Linguistic: For NLP the word "language" defines our interface and communication with the others and with ourselves, verbally as well as non-verbally. Each of us gives a personla meaning to the various stimuli we encounter. This inner and personal meaning and sense are expressed to the outside through the language used. An example of this process is the half empty or half full glass of water.
Programming: Knowing all the above, you can understand that we all create a "model" of the world and behave in accordance to it. This means that we re-act to events in harmony with our internal "map" of reality and not actually in accordance what reality is.


"Everything, learning, behavior, changes are unconscious"

NLP gives us personal and new options. The understanding of how your mind works will open you to more options in order to balance your relationship with yourself and your environment. It removes the limitations we impose to ourselves and helps us focus on what we really want to achieve in life.

"We should not allow other people s limited perceptions define who we are." Virginia Satir

If you want easy, effective and practical solutionjs to your problems, then NLP has the tools you are looking for!
Here we look at how rather than why. It can be nice to know why something is wrong but it is much better to look behond the surface. Because only when you will know how something is happening, only then you will be able to solve your problem. Don t you think so?

5 areas you can gain benefits from NLP

How many times have you said something to someone and they did  not seem to have understood what you expressed?
Clarity and efficiency in communication. Ability to hear, see and feel behond verbal and non-verbal communication.

Self-confidence and esteem
Sometimes we doubt about our abilities or about life. This makes us to not try, to not do our best.
When we come to understand our own limitations, we come to understand what and how we can change in order to go forward with ease.

We have all our personal "filters". When we do not recognize them we hinder our communication.
Everyone has the "filters" of and when you do not recognize often hinder our communication. Ask some of your friends to describe you the city of Athens. Each of them will describe it in his own way, based on their personal experience. Learn to understand your own "map" and the other s "map" which will facilitate your relationships.

The course of life
How many times have you done something that ultimately you did not want to. This happens because we are all under influence all day long and not aware of it. Learn to be the creator of the life you want.

Choose how much you allow the outer circumstances, persons or informations to influence you. Change the attitudes and habits that are limiting you with new ones that will open you new doors.

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Για περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες για τις συνεδρίες Ατομικές Συνεδρίες ή Ομαδικές Συνεδρίες και για την λίστα Σεμινάριων.


  • "Very nice! I clarified some things and could name others that I did not recognise before. I understood the "mask"."     Maria
  • "I feel lighter! I believe that from here and now, I am abel to recognise faster how I limit myself. I became aware of some important truth about myself."     Anastasia Papadouli

"The authenticity that you have in your teaching is unique, you have a keen sense of the students needs. The feeling of freedom is one of the first feeling I experienced in you class. Thank you Valerie for knowing you and having help me to go on this path. Namaste!"     Tsounami Aspa / Merchandiser at Inditex

"Almost dangerously efficient!" Om and I felt as I was flying. The relaxation provocates an inner discovery and disclosure. It was as psychanalysis but different. I plunged into the darkness and suddenly discoverd the light…"     Stella Pouni - Yoga Teacher

"Calmness. Everything is gonna be all right. Thanks Valerie. How nice! Very relaxing! Calmness! Peace! Apart from relaxing it was quite revealing and helped me realize some things..."     Panagiotis

"It was like "Sirsasana". Although you see the world upside down you like it. You do it once and it is like "Wouah!!! I can do it." You do it a second time and say "Interesting!!!". After that, more you do it more you εnjoy it."     Evelina Giorgiera-42-Yoga Teacher

"This seminar was very nice and constructive. It made me to open many doors and to see many things from a different angle. I am sad that it ends... Valerie is amazing and I am really excited and happy to have lived this experience."     Marina Triadou-34-Yoga teacher

"I had panic attacks for almost 10 years. From the very first NLP session, I begun to feel changes on my way of thinking and reacting. And now, facts, stressfull situations who before would have caused a panic attack, do not scare me anymore, I manage them, they do not cause panic anymore."     Aggeliki - 32 - Economist



"It was nicer than I expected. The discussion went and... from somewhere it begun and somewhere else it went. Now I am more sure of what I want to do. To someone else I would say to do NLP because it is interesting, it opens "doors". You speak about yourself, but most of all you speak to yourself! Thanks!"     Eleni Markou-Athinaiko-Macedonian Informations Agency

  • Thanks for this powerful tool of self-knowledge. As always your were a wonderful teacher. I went deeper than I ever went with any other way and felt great because I "saw" things which are very important to me.     Tonia / Yoga Teacher
  • Very substantive and helpfull seminar. Thanks a lot.     Elena / Yoga Teacher

Wow! Valerie, this time I could answer most of the questions you asked me. And I made the exercise! Huge difference for questions 1 and 4! Less difference for the rest of the questions (when going bottom-up). I think it gave me much confidence to proceed with my job search. Thank you so much for helping me! Many many thanks, once more! Maritta

"Very special experience! The luminous presence of Valerie, her positive energy & calm strength, made me come in contact with parts that I did not dare to approach before. I deleted once for good some traumatic experiences who troubled me for years. Thank you!!!!"     Katerina Stathopoulos-Therapist


"I arrived in Holland! I opened & read the text I wrote then in Oktober, after the complition of the NLP sessions with you. It was like I had "programmed" my brain to work in a specific way & choosed specific things so I can arrive here where I am!!! I was deeply touched."     Marita Katerelou

"Hi Valerie, it s Ioanna. I like my life now. I do things! I can not believe that I took alone the metro for as long as 10 stations. I m so happy! I have a great time with my son and husband. Again I want to thank you and wish I would have come earlier so I would not have lost so much time from my life."     Ioanna - Private employee

"I will use some beautiful phrases from Valerie s lesson to express what I feel. She is a teacher able to becomes a bridge that you can cross over to go on the other side "far away". She seems to have found the foundations and balance. That is why, without doubt, in my opinion, she has the talent to inspire you. Thank you, I learned to look far away... here and now!"     Eva Afentouli - Web Designer


"The educational background, professional experience, high sensitivity for diversity and the respect for personal bounders are some of the features that make Valerie a "special" teacher. I am grateful for the steps she helped me to take. Her belief, that everything is possible for who truly believes it, is "contagious"!"     Ioanna Maria Bati - Translator and Teacher